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In this project, a Thulium (Tm) laser pumped Holmium solid-state 2-micron pulsed laser is investigated. Instead of co-doped Holmium and Thulium laser, it separates the Ho and Tm into two lasers. Separating Ho and Tm ions on different crystal hosts effectively enhances the efficiency of 2-micron lasers. The primary advantages of this approach to directly pumping the Ho 5I7 state are: 1) eliminating the deleterious Tm-Ho up-conversion loss; 2) eliminating Tm and Ho energy transfer process; 3) enhancing single pulse energy extraction efficiency; 4) improving thermal management. It can generate laser pulses in the multiple KHz rate range required by airborne or space borne coherent lidar system. The laser transmitter will meet the stringent requirements for atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements as well as 3D winds measurements. This report summarizes the significant achievements in the development of this high repetition rate 2-micron laser.

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