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A technology challenge? An interest in licensing? Easier access to Langley technology?

If you want to reshape your technology future, the Technology Gateway's Marketplace is where you'll find a host of advanced Langley inventions and discoveries. These technologies are now available for licensing and other types of partnership arrangements. With four main categories - Advanced Materials, Aerospace Applications, Sensors & Detectors, and Software - one of our technologies may be just right for you. Also don't forget to check other technologies in our Other category.

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A Byzantine Fault-Tolerant and Self-Stabilizing Protocol - for distributed clock synchronization systems Software TOA 17
A Durable Redundant Joint to Build Structures from Sections of Composite Sandwich Panel or Shell Material LAR -17813-1 TOA 108
Active Flow Effectors for Noise and Separation Control - Variable effectors for enhanced vehicle and aeroelastic control Material 17332-1 TOA 03
Active and Controllable Noise Reduction System - For Jet Engines Aerospace TOA 33
Adaptive Noise Reduction- Local intelligence-based impedance optimization Aerospace TOA 95
Adaptive Refinement Tools - Software for real-time refinement of unstructured grids in numerical analysis Software TOA 85
Advance Display Device for Aviation Safety and Operational Efficiency - Pilot head-worn display for enhanced situation awareness Aerospace TOA 42
Advanced Actuators and Transducers: Hybrid actuator systems can recover environmental energy to power devices Sensors LAR-17169, LAR-16698-1 TOA 47
Advanced Over-the-Wing Nacelle Transport Configuration: Novel aircraft wing design reduces drag and community noise Aerospace LAR-17478-1 TOA 83
Air Coupled Acoustic Thermography - Nondestructive evaluation and inspection of honeycomb structures Sensors TOA 88
Airborne Doppler Wind Profiling Algorithm: Novel method enables accurate, real-time parameter estimation in noisy environments Software LAR-18266-1 TOA 122
All-Organic Electro Active Device: High performance using novel single-wall carbon nanotube film electrode Material LAR-17455-1 TOA 54
Alternative Launch Abort System Design- Cost savings and recovery of payload Aerospace TOA 82
Autonomous Slat-Cove Filler Device- Reduction of aeroacoustic noise associated with the leading edge of aircraft wings Aerospace LAR-17877-1 TOA 101
Boron Nitride Nanotube Synthesis - A new method for developing boron nitride nanotubes with superior morphology Material LAR-17535-1, LAR-17668-1, LAR-17780-1,LAR-17991-1, and JLab 1265 TOA 104
Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Clock- A self-stabilizing synchronization protocol Aerospace TOA 92
Carbon Nanotube-based Sensors - Expertise in manipulating carbon nanotubebasedsensors for structural health monitoring Sensors TOA 49
Cavity Noise Reduction Technology: Stretchable mesh reduces production and reverberation of high amplitude acoustic waves by preventing coherent airflow Aerospace LAR-18327-1 TOA 124
Compact Active Vibration Control System: Improved collocated point sensor and piezoelectric actuator array for reducing vibration in flexible structures Sensors LAR -18034-1 TOA 114
Compact Long-Reach Robotic Arm Aerospace LAR-18160-1 TOA 121
Composite Manufacturing using Double-Vacuum Bags: Improved out-of-autoclave processing with better volatile management and resin content control Material LAR-16877-1 TOA 15
Computational Visual Servo - Automatic measurement and control for smart image enhancement Software TOA 72
Control and Tracking for Tethered Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Vehicles Software LAR-18246-1 TOA 120
Crimping Tool for Safe and Efficient Critical Wiring Needs - Tool connects wires to end-connectors and nondestructively verifies crimp quality during the crimping process Sensors TOA 62
Damage and Tamper Detection Sensor System - Wireless, powerless, passive SansEC sensors for determining damage to materials and structures, or for detecting tampering to packages Sensors TOA 22
Deconvolution Approach for the Mapping of Acoustic Sources (DAMAS) Noise location and strength diagnostics for mechanical/aerodynamic systems Software LAR-16907-1, LAR-17335-1 LAR-16907-1, LAR-17335-1 TOA 10
Decorated Carbon Nanotubes: For novel materials with tailorable electrical properties Material LAR-17267-1, LAR-17427-1, LAR-17638-1 TOA 50
Directed Design of Experiments for Probability of Detection Software - Validating probability of detection capability of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) systems Software TOA 96
Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Polymers: For making stable resin dispersions and composite plastic films, and for standard polymer melt processing Material LAR-16383-1-NP, LAR-17149-1, LAR-17082-1, LAR-17088-1, LAR-17126-1, LAR-16437-1-NP, LAR-17494-1 TOA 08
Eddy Current Probe for Detection of Cracks in Difficult-to-Reach Places - From within the interior of installed hardware, probe can identify outer surface damage Sensors TOA 87
Electroactive Polymer Composites: Improving sensing and actuation devices Material LAR-16867-1, LAR-17112-1 TOA 63
Electrostrictive Polymers: Enable sensing and actuation devices Material LAR-15960-1, LAR-16038-1, LAR-16039-1, LAR-16219-1, LAR-16220-1, LAR-16232-1-N TOA 98
Engineering Code for Designing Radiation Shielding - High-charge-and-energy transport computer software to obtain fast and accurate dosimetric information for designing devices Software TOA 78
Fabrication of Fiber-Metal Laminates with Non-Autoclave Processes Material LAR-1716 TOA 16
Facile Synthesis of Supported Nanocatalysts: With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Material LAR-17267-1 TOA 100
Fail-Safe High-Temperature Composite Structure Material LAR-16886-1, -17231-1, -16640-1 TOA 24
Ferroelectric Light Control Device - Innovative use of ferroelectric materials for solid state control of light beam Sensors TOA 66
Fine-Grained Targets: High-yield synthesis of carbon nanotubes via free electron laser ablation Material LAR-17386-1 TOA 79
Fire-resistant, Lightweight Electrical Insulation Material- Polyimide composite insulated conductor for medium to high voltage applications Material 17321-1 TOA 06
Flexible High-Temperature Thermocouple: Silver electroplated film shows volume resistivity approaching that of the pure metal, which offers greater current carrying capabilities and electrical conductivity Material LAR-17346, LAR-17151 TOA 25
Flow Control Devices: Two fluidic oscillators with no moving parts optimize flow control for better system performance Aerospace LAR-18089-1, LAR-18090-1 TOA 116
Fluid Measurement Sensor- A wireless, powerless, passive inductor-capacitor sensor for measuring fluid level, pitch and roll angles, and volume Sensors TOA 26
Forward Voltage Short-Pulse Technique - For measuring high power laser diode array junction temperature Sensors TOA 81
Game and Simulation Control: Control modification through user physiological state Sensors LAR-17869-1, -17895-1, -17951-1, LAR-18144-1 TOA 102
Growth of Carbon Nanotubes- Templated growth process provides uniform-sized carbon nanotubes Material 16383-1-NP, 17149-1, 17082-1, 17088-1, 17126-1, 16437-1-NP, 17494-1 TOA 09
High-Density Optical Data Storage System - Using an intense, ultra-small laser focal point, NASA researchers have enabled a high-density optical storage system Sensors TOA 73
High-Performance Polyimide Insulation Technologies- Improved fire resistance from low-density foams Material 15977-1, 15767-1, 15831-1, 15831-2, 15831-3, 15745-1 TOA 20
Highly Accurate Position Detection and Shape Sensing with Fiber Optics: Novel method for determining position, shape, and curvature Sensors LAR-17629-1, LAR-18097-1, LAR-18101-1 TOA 93
Highly Aligned Electrospun Fibers and Mats Material LAR-17477-1 TOA 04
LaRC-SI: High-performance/high-temperature resins for dielectric films, coatings, composites, adhesives, and solid parts Material LAR-15205-2, LAR-15205-1, LAR-15941-1 TOA 19
Laser Linear Frequency Modulation System -- Improved accuracy in light detection and ranging and other optical measurement arrays Sensors LAR -17800-1, LAR -17801-1 TOA 110
Lightweight Low-Profile Transducer - Capable of generating a transverse point load or measuring transverse velocity Sensors TOA 94
Lightweight Sensing and Control System - For Unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring capabilities Aerospace TOA 23
Low Frequency Portable Acoustic Measurement System - A system to detect and locate atmospheric clear air turbulence and severe weather Sensors TOA 29
Low-Noise Exit Guide Vanes - For Turbofan Jet Engines Aerospace TOA 34
Low-Profile Wireless Sensor - A wireless inductance-capacitance sensor suitable for small packaging Sensors TOA 27
Low-Temperature Oxidation/Reduction Catalysts - Catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other hydrocarbons, and Nox reduction, in air and process gas streams Material 13741, 13845,14155-1, 15652-1, 17154-1, 16606, 16308, 16001, 15351, 15851 TOA 01
Lunar Surface Manipulation System - Heavy lifting and precise positioning device Misc TOA 86
Magnetic Field Response Measurement Acquisition System - A system that provides power to and receives measurements from wireless inductance-capacitance sensors Sensors TOA 14
Mars Airplane- Autonomous collapsible airplane capable of low atmospheric pressure maneuvers Aerospace TOA 84
Micro-Ring Thin-Film Spectrometer Array: Miniaturized system for rapid multi-spectral analysis and imaging Sensors LAR-17242-1, LAR-17469-1 TOA 74
Multi-Axis Accelerometer Calibration System - Using a cubiodal attitude position device Aerospace TOA 37
Multi-Component, Multi-Point Interferometric Rayleigh/Mie Doppler Velocimeter: Large area, direct view flow analysis without particle-seeded flows Sensors LAR-17235-1 TOA 53
Multi-Functional Composite and Honeycomb Panels: Acoustic radiation efficiency reduced while maintaining strength to weight ratio Material LAR-17330 TOA 21
Neutron and Ultraviolet Radiation Shielding Films Material AR-17535-1, LAR-17668-1, LAR-17780-1, LAR-17830-1,LAR-17991-1, and JLab 1265. TOA 107
New Method for Pitot-Static Calibration: A precise, time- and cost-effective method based on global positioning system technology using output-error optimization Sensors LAR-17857-1 TOA 103
New Probe for Detecting Deep Flaws in Structures: Handheld probe for nondestructive evaluation of deep subsurface cracks Sensors LAR-16116-1 TOA 56
Oceanic Surface Air Pressure Sensing: Via oxygen band radar Sensors LAR-17323-1 TOA 48
Optimal Flow Control Design - For quieter and more environmentally friendly transport aircraf Aerospace TOA 38
Out of Autoclave Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Method: Assembly supports composite laminate materials during roll press processing at room temperature Aerospace LAR-16299-1 TOA 117
Particle Contamination Mitigation Methods: Unique surface properties such as increased hydrophobicity and self-cleaning Material LAR 18026-1, LAR 17769-1 TOA 111
Photogrammetric Method for Calculating Relative Orientation Software LAR-17908-1 TOA 118
Photonic Densely Accumulated Ray-poinT - Newly discovered, interference-type laser focal point at high intensity achieved with a phase contrast approach, with or without micro zone plate lens Sensors TOA 71
Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Actuator Portfolio - A unique portfolio composite actuator designs for tunable optical fiber and micro-displacement devices Sensors TOA 40
Plasma Deposition of Metal in Composite Panels Material LAR-1748 TOA 35
Power Technology for High-Altitude Airships- Advanced thermoelectric materials form the foundation to a novel approach to powering high-altitude airships Aerospace TOA 69
Pressure Regulators for Fluid Flow Simulations - Improved transient modeling Software TOA 65
Quick Change Ceramic Flame Holder: For high-output torches Material LAR-17502-1 TOA 02
Real-Time Interferometric Fiber Optic Bragg Grating Sensors: High sensor count distributed fiber optic sensing without processing delays Sensors LAR-17300-1 TOA 11
Recessed Core Composite Panel Design- Low noise radiation and increased sound power transmission loss Aerospace TOA 58
Reduced-Order Models for Efficient Computational Analysis of Complex Systems- Innovative software for aeroelastic analysis at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional CFD methods Aerospace TOA 77
Self-Scrubbing Technology for Reconfigurable Rad-Hard Memory Arrays - Novel field programmable gate array technology for single event upset detection and mitigation of radiation effects Sensors TOA 12
Shape Adaptive Multilayered Polymer Composite Material LAR-17977-1 TOA 119
Smart Optics Material Characterization System Sensors LAR-17786-1 TOA 109
Space Utilization Optimization Tool: Robust software system for real-time visualization, modeling, and evaluation of facility management. Software TOA 112
Subsurface Imaging of Nanocomposites - Via resonant difference-frequency atomic force ultrasonic microscopy (RADF-AFUM) Sensors TOA 05
Synthetic Vision System for Aeronautical Applications- Via flight management visualization display providing preview, rehearsal, and real-time visual acquisition of flight mission progress Software TOA 52
Tailored Dielectric Materials With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Material LAR-17427-1, LAR-17638-1 TOA 99
Tip Vortex Noise Reduction Technology: Open structure design reduces turbulent flow noise generated at surface boundaries by delaying and preventing vortex formation Aerospace LAR-18166-1, LAR-18301-1 TOA 123
Use of Beam Deflection to Control Electron-Beam Wire Deposition - Advanced process control technique for electronbeam free-form fabrication and welding Misc TOA 75
Variable Visibility Glasses for Flight Training - Safer and more comfortable glasses for selectively limiting the view of pilot trainees Aerospace TOA 45
Vehicle Reentry Safety Assessment- Using the boundary layer transition tool Software TOA 46
Wide Bandwidth Magnetoresistive Eddy Current Probe: Magnetoresistive sensor-based probe for improved deep-flaw detection and surface characterization Sensors LAR -17966-1, LAR-18038-1 TOA 113
Wireless Chemical Sensor - Wireless, powerless, passive, thin-film SansEC sensor that detects the presence of chemicals Sensors TOA 89
Wireless Electrical Devices Using Floating Electrodes - Fundamental new approach for developing electrical devices that need no external power source or electrical connections Sensors TOA 97
Wireless Sensor for Pharmaceutical Packaging and Monitoring Applications - Wireless, passive SansEC sensor for detecting package tampering, medication levels, temperature, spoilage, and other pharmaceutical applications Sensors TOA 91
X-Ray Diffraction Method for defect characterization of epitaxially grown cubic semiconductor layers Material LAR--17044-1 TOA 31
ZONE (Zeroing Out Negative Effects)- Biofeedback training for optimal athletic performance Software TOA 07