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A technology challenge? An interest in licensing? Easier access to Langley technology?

If you want to reshape your technology future, the Technology Gateway's Marketplace is where you'll find a host of advanced Langley inventions and discoveries. These technologies are now available for licensing and other types of partnership arrangements. With four main categories - Advanced Materials, Aerospace Applications, Sensors & Detectors, and Software - one of our technologies may be just right for you. Also don't forget to check other technologies in our Other category.

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    Technology         Category         LAR Number         Document         Video    
Active and Controllable Noise Reduction System - For Jet Engines Aerospace TOA 33
Adaptive Noise Reduction- Local intelligence-based impedance optimization Aerospace TOA 95
Advance Display Device for Aviation Safety and Operational Efficiency - Pilot head-worn display for enhanced situation awareness Aerospace TOA 42
Advanced Over-the-Wing Nacelle Transport Configuration: Novel aircraft wing design reduces drag and community noise Aerospace LAR-17478-1 TOA 83
Alternative Launch Abort System Design- Cost savings and recovery of payload Aerospace TOA 82
Autonomous Slat-Cove Filler Device- Reduction of aeroacoustic noise associated with the leading edge of aircraft wings Aerospace LAR-17877-1 TOA 101
Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Clock- A self-stabilizing synchronization protocol Aerospace TOA 92
Cavity Noise Reduction Technology: Stretchable mesh reduces production and reverberation of high amplitude acoustic waves by preventing coherent airflow Aerospace LAR-18327-1 TOA 124
Compact Long-Reach Robotic Arm Aerospace LAR-18160-1 TOA 121
Flow Control Devices: Two fluidic oscillators with no moving parts optimize flow control for better system performance Aerospace LAR-18089-1, LAR-18090-1 TOA 116
Lightweight Sensing and Control System - For Unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring capabilities Aerospace TOA 23
Low-Noise Exit Guide Vanes - For Turbofan Jet Engines Aerospace TOA 34
Mars Airplane- Autonomous collapsible airplane capable of low atmospheric pressure maneuvers Aerospace TOA 84
Multi-Axis Accelerometer Calibration System - Using a cubiodal attitude position device Aerospace TOA 37
Optimal Flow Control Design - For quieter and more environmentally friendly transport aircraf Aerospace TOA 38
Out of Autoclave Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Method: Assembly supports composite laminate materials during roll press processing at room temperature Aerospace LAR-16299-1 TOA 117
Power Technology for High-Altitude Airships- Advanced thermoelectric materials form the foundation to a novel approach to powering high-altitude airships Aerospace TOA 69
Recessed Core Composite Panel Design- Low noise radiation and increased sound power transmission loss Aerospace TOA 58
Reduced-Order Models for Efficient Computational Analysis of Complex Systems- Innovative software for aeroelastic analysis at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional CFD methods Aerospace TOA 77
Tip Vortex Noise Reduction Technology: Open structure design reduces turbulent flow noise generated at surface boundaries by delaying and preventing vortex formation Aerospace LAR-18166-1, LAR-18301-1 TOA 123
Variable Visibility Glasses for Flight Training - Safer and more comfortable glasses for selectively limiting the view of pilot trainees Aerospace TOA 45