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A Byzantine Fault-Tolerant and Self-Stabilizing Protocol - for distributed clock synchronization systems Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-31 LAR-17391-1 7,792,015
A Durable Redundant Joint to Build Structures from Sections of Composite Sandwich Panel or Shell Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-93 LAR -17813-1 8,697,216
A Portable Impactor Device: Lightweight instrument for investigating structural response Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-114 LAR-18411-1
Acoustic Beamforming Array: An acoustic beamforming array using feedbackcontrolled microphones for tuning and self-matching of frequency response Sensors LAR-TOPS-137 LAR-17985-1 8,848,942
Active Flow Effectors for Noise and Separation Control - Variable effectors for enhanced vehicle and aeroelastic control Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-23 LAR-17332-1, LAR-17332-2 7,958,733 8,683,807
Active and Controllable Noise Reduction System - For Jet Engines Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-14 LAR-16409 8,015,819
Adaptive Noise Reduction- Local intelligence-based impedance optimization Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-81 LAR-17655-1 8,111,832
Adaptive Refinement Tools - Software for real-time refinement of unstructured grids in numerical analysis Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-72 LAR-17526-1 7,991,595
Advanced Actuators and Transducers: Hybrid actuator systems can recover environmental energy to power devices Power Generation and Storage LAR-TOPS-21 LAR-17169, LAR-16698-1
Advanced Display Device for Aviation Safety and Operational Efficiency: Pilot head-worn display for enhanced situation awareness Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-19 LAR-17290 7,737,867
Advanced Over-the-Wing Nacelle Transport Configuration: Novel aircraft wing design reduces drag and community noise Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-70 LAR-17478-1
Aerodynamically Activated Thrust Vectoring Device: Allows vertical take-off and landing of personal air vehicles (PAVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-232 LAR-18590-1
Air Coupled Acoustic Thermography - Nondestructive evaluation and inspection of honeycomb structures Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-75 LAR-17573-1
Airborne Doppler Wind Profiling Algorithm: Novel method enables accurate, real-time parameter estimation in noisy environments Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-42 LAR-18266-1 9,007,570
Aircraft Active Pylon Noise Control System: Active control mechanism of jet engine noise sources to increase noise reduction from shielding Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-179 LAR-17833-2, LAR-17833-1 9,022,311
Aircraft Jet Exhaust Noise Reduction: Jet noise reduction system for aircraft with engines mounted above wing, tail, or fuselage Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-180 LAR-17833-2, LAR-17833-1 8,876,043
Aircraft Landing Noise Reduction Liners: Two implementations of acoustic liners to reduce aircraft noise during landing Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-151 LAR-18021-1, LAR-18023-1 8,695,915 8,708,272
Aircraft Vertical Take off & Landing: Vertical takeoff UAV enables long endurance missions and is easy to transport Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-230 LAR-18341-1
Amorphous Surface Robots: Multiple techniques for amorphous robotic locomotion Robotics Automation and Control LAR-TOPS-156 LAR-17993-1, LAR-17993-2, LAR-17993-3 8,662,213 9,229,451
Aqueous Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Application in Bionanotechnology and Fuel Cell Electrodes: Surfactant-less buffer solutions used to effectively disperse carbon nanotubes Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-59 LAR-17224-1 7,998,368
Asymmetric Dielectric Elastomer Composite Material: Material that responds mechanically to applied voltage Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-150 LAR-17696-1 8,704,423
Atomic Number (Z)-Grade Radiation Shields from Fiber Metal Laminates: Shapeable radiation shields Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-201 LAR-17919-1, LAR-17919-2 8,661,653
Autonomous Slat-Cove Filler Device- Reduction of aeroacoustic noise associated with the leading edge of aircraft wings Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-87 LAR-18031-1, LAR-17877-1, LAR-17877-1-CON 8,763,958 9,242,720
Biologically Inspired Wing Flow Control: Airfoil/ Wing Flow Control Using Flexible Extended Trailing Edge Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-146 LAR-17361-1 8,882,049
Boron Nitride Nanotube Synthesis - A new method for developing boron nitride nanotubes with superior morphology Materials and Coatings TOA 104 LAR-17535-1, LAR-17668-1, LAR-17780-1,LAR-17991-1, and JLab 1265
Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Clock- A self-stabilizing synchronization protocol Information Technology and Software TOA 92 LAR 17609-1
Carbon Nanotube-based Sensors - Expertise in manipulating carbon nanotubebasedsensors for structural health monitoring Sensors LAR-TOPS-45 LAR-16475-1, LAR-17736-1 7,194,912 8,147,920
Cavity Noise Reduction Technology: Stretchable mesh reduces production and reverberation of high amplitude acoustic waves by preventing coherent airflow Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-44 LAR-18327-1
Chemical and Topographical Surface Modifications for Insect Adhesion Mitigation: Synergistic method to reduce insect adhesion on aluminum surfaces Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-183 LAR-18127-1
Clock Synchronization Techniques for Distributed Systems: Self-stabilizing and fault tolerant synchronization protocols Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-216 LAR-18387-1 8,861,552 8,255,732 7,792,015
Compact Active Vibration Control System: Improved collocated point sensor and piezoelectric actuator array for reducing vibration in flexible structures Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-35 LAR -18034-1
Compact Long-Reach Robotic Arm Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-41 LAR-18160-1
Compact Vibration Damper: Tunable damper capable of tailoring the structural damping for individual modes of vibration using minimal space or weight Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-189 LAR-17705-1 8,672,107
Composite Elastic Skins for Shape-Changing Structures: Elastic skins that can be tailored for specific applications Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-139 LAR-18186-1 8,899,563
Composite Joint Connector: Structural joint with multi-axis load carrying capacity Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-198 LAR-18257-1
Composite Manufacturing using Double-Vacuum Bags: Improved out-of-autoclave processing with better volatile management and resin content control Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-30 LAR-16877-1
Computational Visual Servo - Automatic measurement and control for smart image enhancement Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-61 LAR-17240-1 8,111,943
Control and Tracking for Tethered Airborne Vehicles: Vision-based system controls a flexible kite in a crosswind trajectory using only ground-based sensors Power Generation and Storage LAR-TOPS-40 LAR-18246-1, LAR-18246-1-CON 8,922,041
Convective Heating Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters (CHIEFS): Improved performance of emergency fire shelters for wildland firefighters Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-212 LAR-18403-1
Damage and Tamper Detection Sensor System - Wireless, powerless, passive SansEC sensors for determining damage to materials and structures, or for detecting tampering to packages Sensors LAR-TOPS-9 LAR-17444-1, LAR-16970-1, LAR-17295-1
Deconvolution Approach for the Mapping of Acoustic Sources (DAMAS) Noise location and strength diagnostics for mechanical/aerodynamic systems Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-26 LAR-16907-1, LAR-17335-1 7,783,060 8,170,234
Decorated Carbon Nanotubes: For novel materials with tailorable electrical properties Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-46 LAR-17267-1, LAR-17427-1, LAR-17638-1
Directed Design of Experiments for Probability of Detection Software - Validating probability of detection capability of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) systems Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-82 LAR-17656-1
Directional UAV Localization of Power Line Ultraviolet Corona: Improved method of detecting power line faults Sensors LAR-TOPS-228 LAR-18767-1, LAR-18770-1
Directional UAV Localization of Power Line Ultraviolet Corona: Improved method of detecting power line faults Sensors LAR-TOPS-228 LAR-18767-1, LAR-18770-1
Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Polymers: For making stable resin dispersions and composite plastic films, and for standard polymer melt processing Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-5 LAR-16383-1-NP, LAR-17149-1, LAR-17082-1, LAR-17088-1, LAR-17126-1, LAR-16437-1-NP, LAR-17494-1
Double Sided Si(Ge)/Sapphire/III-Nitride Hybrid Structures: Method to produce combination of devices on opposite sides of a sapphire substrate Electrical and Electronics LAR-TOPS-161 9,449,818
Eddy Current Probe for Detection of Cracks in Difficult-to-Reach Places - From within the interior of installed hardware, probe can identify outer surface damage Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-74 LAR-17539-1 8,164,328
Electric Field Imaging System: Low-cost, noncontact imaging through electrical properties Sensors LAR-TOPS-116 LAR-16565-1, LAR-18204-1, LAR-18396-1 9,279,719
Electroactive Material for Wound Healing: Wound healing facilitated by electrical activity Health Medicine and Biotechnology LAR-TOPS-194 LAR-17723-1
Electroactive Polymer Composites: Improving sensing and actuation devices Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-53 LAR-16867-1, LAR-17112-1
Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication (EBF3): Metal deposition apparatus to build metallic components directly from CAD Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-164 LAR-17245-1, LAR-18147-1, LAR-18183-1, LAR- 17695-1, LAR-17766-1 8,344,281 8,658,004 8,452,073
Exfoliated Hexagonal Boron Nitride: Novel method for exfoliated hexagonal Boron Nitride that is soluble Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-131 LAR-17748-1 8,303,922
External Aircraft Noise Reduction Liners: External acoustic liners for multifunctional aircraft noise reduction Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-152 LAR-18021-1, LAR-18023-1
Extreme Heat Resistant Ultraviolet and Infrared Sensor: Transmission to and protection of ultraviolet and infrared radiation sensors in extreme heat environments Sensors LAR-TOPS-143 LAR-17576-1 7,742,663
Fabrication of Fiber-Metal Laminates with Non-Autoclave Processes Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-6 LAR-1716
Fabrication of Multilayer Ferritin Arrays Power Generation and Storage LAR-TOPS-154 LAR-16958-1 7,510,802
Facile Synthesis of Supported Nanocatalysts: With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Materials and Coatings TOA 100 LAR-17267-1
Fail-Safe High-Temperature Composite Structure Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-10 LAR-16886-1, -17231-1, -16640-1
Fast Optical Shutter, Chopper, Modulator, and Deflector: New application of a DLP mirror/aperture as an optical shutter as a means of improving performance of existing optical instruments Optics LAR-TOPS-223 LAR-18558-1
Fiber-Optic Sensing and Characterization Portfolio: Technology portfolio including a distributed fiber-optic strain sensor system, distributed Rayleigh scatter sensor system, and related characterization technologies Sensors LAR-TOPS-213 LAR-15318-1, LAR-15934-1, LAR-15508-1, LAR- 15954-1, LAR-16005-1 5,798,521 6,566,648 6,545,760 6,376,830 6,426,496
Fine-Grained Targets: High-yield synthesis of carbon nanotubes via free electron laser ablation Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-67 LAR-17386-1, LAR-17386-2 9,133,032
Fire-resistant, Lightweight Electrical Insulation Material- Polyimide composite insulated conductor for medium to high voltage applications Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-24 17321-1
Flexible High-Temperature Thermocouple: Silver electroplated film shows volume resistivity approaching that of the pure metal, which offers greater current carrying capabilities and electrical conductivity Sensors LAR-TOPS-34 LAR-17346-1, LAR-17856-1 7,649,439 8,198,976
Floating Ultrasonic System: Nondestructive inspection of surfaces without an external liquid couplant Sensors LAR-TOPS-118 LAR-17211-1
Flow Control Devices: Two fluidic oscillators with no moving parts optimize flow control for better system performance Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-36 LAR-18089-1, LAR-18090-1 9,333,517 9,339,825
Fluid Measurement Sensor- A wireless, powerless, passive inductor-capacitor sensor for measuring fluid level, pitch and roll angles, and volume Sensors LAR-TOPS-11 LAR-17433-1
Forward Voltage Short-Pulse Technique - For measuring high power laser diode array junction temperature Sensors LAR-TOPS-68 LAR-17432-1 8,112,243
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Phase Detector/Demodulator: Synthetic quadrature phase detector/demodulator for Fourier transform spectrometers Optics LAR-TOPS-178 LAR-18410-1 8,693,002
Functionally Graded MetalMetal Composite Structures: Novel process to create unique metallic alloy compositions Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-191 LAR-17990-1
Game and Simulation Control: Control modification through user physiological state Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-88 LAR-17869-1, LAR-18144-1, LAR-17951-1, LAR- 18267-1, LAR-17895-1 8,858,325 9,084,933 8,827,717
Ground-to-Space Laser Calibration System: Ground-based system to calibrate Earth observing sensors measuring reflected radiance in Low and Geostationary orbits Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-184 LAR-18202-1, LAR-18202-2 8,767,210 9,052,236
Handheld Spectrometer: Novel lens/chip combination for motionless, differential linear fresnel microspectrometers Sensors LAR-TOPS-115 LAR-17947-1 9,046,418
Healable Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites: Puncture- healing thermoplastic resin carbon fiber reinforced composites towards more damage/impact tolerant systems Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-136 LAR-18131-1
High Mobility Transport Layer Structures for Rhombohedral Si/Ge/SiGe Devices: Improved carrier mobility for solar cells and other electronic devices Electrical and Electronics LAR-TOPS-166 LAR-17841-1
High Performance Thermoelectric Material: Method of creating micro-scale silver telluride grains covered with bismuth nanoparticles Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-160 LAR-17923-1 8,691,612
High Temperature Liquid Crystal Thermosets: New polymer chemistries benefit processing and performance Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-57 LAR-16079-1, LAR-17157-1 6,939,940 7,507,784
High Temperature Resins: For infusion and transfer molding processes Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-239 LAR-15834-1 6,359,107
High-Density Optical Data Storage System - Using an intense, ultra-small laser focal point, NASA researchers have enabled a high-density optical storage system Optics LAR-TOPS-62 LAR-17241-1 8,018,815
High-Performance Polyimide Insulation Technologies- Improved fire resistance from low-density foams Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-8 15977-1, 15767-1, 15831-1, 15831-2, 15831-3, 15745-1
Highly Accurate Level Sensor: For aerospace fuel tanks Sensors LAR-TOPS-127 LAR-18399-1
Highly Accurate Position Detection and Shape Sensing with Fiber Optics: Novel method for determining position, shape, and curvature Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-79 LAR-17629-1, LAR-18097-1, LAR-18101-1 7,813,599 8,746,076
Highly Aligned Electrospun Fibers and Mats Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-2 LAR-17477-1
Highly Thermal Conductive Polymeric Composites: Carbon-based fillers for highly thermal conductive nanocomposite materials Select... LAR-TOPS-175 LAR-17558-1, LAR-17558-2 9,067,794
Holey Carbon Allotropes: Innovative manufacturing methods for bulk preparation of holey graphene and holey carbon nanotubes Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-165 9,120,677
Hydrophobic Epoxy Coating for Insect Adhesion Mitigation: Fluorinated alkyl ether containing epoxies Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-182 LAR-18352-1
Hyperfine Interpolated Range Finding: Interpolation technique for continuous wave lidar, radar, and sonar using repeating waveforms, Fourier transform reordering, and Richardson-Lucy deconvolution Optics LAR-TOPS-219 LAR-18387-1
Increased Efficiency Nonlinear Optical Interactions: A method to reduce spatial and temporal separation in nonlinear optics. Optics LAR-TOPS-144 LAR-17709-1 7,912,101
Inflight Global Nonlinear Aerodynamics Modeling and Simulation: Highly accurate and efficient system for developing full envelope aerodynamic models for aircraft Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-174 LAR-18410-1
Infrasound Sensor Technology: An infrasound microphone enables remote detection of aircraft wake vortices, clear air turbulence, tornadoes, and seismic events Sensors LAR-TOPS-106 LAR-18483-1
Integrated Multi-Color Light Emitting Device Made With Hybrid Crystal Structure: Method to create red, green, and blue LED device structures on single wafer Electrical and Electronics LAR-TOPS-159 LAR-18133-1, LAR-18133-2 9,455,374
Interference Reduction Algorithm for Continuous Wave Lidar Return Data: State-of-the-art interference filtration for greater range and accuracy in continuous wave lidar systems Environment LAR-TOPS-111 LAR-17888-1, LAR-18374-1 8,605,262
Interior Layout Optimization Software: Software tool to optimize the interior layout of highly constrained, highly integrated, and/or confined spaces Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-217 LAR-18387-1
LaRC RP-50 Polyimides: Heat, moisture, and chemical resistant polyimides Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-210 6,777,525
Laser Linear Frequency Modulation System -- Improved accuracy in light detection and ranging and other optical measurement arrays Optics LAR-TOPS-95 LAR -17800-1, LAR -17801-1
Laser-induced Fabrication of Metallic Interlayers and Patterns in Polyimide Films: Three-dimensional control of metal formation Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-126 LAR-16616-1 7,758,927
Lidar, Radar, and Sonar Processing Method: Processing method utilizing multiple closely spaced orthogonal carriers modulated by PN codes using Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) modulation Optics LAR-TOPS-218 LAR-18539-1
Lightning Mitigation and Damage Detection: For wind turbines and other tall structures Sensors LAR-TOPS-128 LAR-18401-1
Lightweight Energy Absorbing Composite Airframe Subfloor: Conical energy absorbing design for use in attenuating crash/impact loads Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-171 LAR-18463-1
Lightweight Low-Profile Transducer - Capable of generating a transverse point load or measuring transverse velocity Sensors LAR-TOPS-80 LAR-17634-1
Lightweight Sensing and Control System - For Unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring capabilities Robotics Automation and Control LAR-TOPS-33 LAR-16736-1 7,962,252
Line Tunable Visible and Ultraviolet Laser: Nd:YAG laser used with nonlinear optics that can be made line-tunable to 172 different wavelengths Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-147 LAR-17547-1 7,848,381
Low Frequency Portable Acoustic Measurement System - A system to detect and locate atmospheric clear air turbulence and severe weather Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-13 LAR-17317
Low-Noise Exit Guide Vanes - For Turbofan Jet Engines Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-15 LAR-16532 7,334,998
Low-Profile Wireless Sensor - A wireless inductance-capacitance sensor suitable for small packaging Sensors LAR-TOPS-12 LAR-17294-1
Low-Temperature Oxidation/Reduction Catalysts - Catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other hydrocarbons, and Nox reduction, in air and process gas streams Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-124 13741, 13845,14155-1, 15652-1, 17154-1, 16606, 16308, 16001, 15351, 15851
Lunar Surface Manipulation System - Heavy lifting and precise positioning device Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-73 LAR-17528-1 7,878,348
Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) Actuator: Macro-fiber composite actuator with interdigitated electrodes Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-209 LAR-15816-1, LAR-15816-2 6,629,341 7,197,798
Magnetic Field Response Measurement Acquisition System: A system that provides power to and receives measurements from wireless inductance-capacitance sensors Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-29 LAR-16571-1, LAR-16571-2, LAR-16908-1, LAR- 17280-1, LAR-16974-1, LAR-16571-3 7,075,295 7,589,525 7,086,593 7,159,774 7,047,807 7,759,932
Mars Airplane- Autonomous collapsible airplane capable of low atmospheric pressure maneuvers Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-71 LAR-17514-1 8,196,858
Material for Structural Health Monitoring: Structural health monitoring using electroactive polymer fibers Sensors LAR-TOPS-195 LAR-17724-1 8,378,659
Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers: Polymer strands utilizing mechanically responsive chemical groups to induce self-healing Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-132 LAR-18368-1
Method of Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composites: Using trapped energy analysis to characterize hidden damage Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-120 LAR-18531-1
Micro-LIDAR for Flow Velocimetry: Advanced boundary layer flow analysis without particle-seeded flows Optics LAR-TOPS-47 LAR-16538-1 7,675,619
Micro-Ring Thin-Film Spectrometer Array: Miniaturized system for rapid multi-spectral analysis and imaging Optics LAR-TOPS-63 LAR-17242-1, LAR-17469-1
Multi-Axis Accelerometer Calibration System - Using a cubiodal attitude position device Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-16 LAR-17163-1 7,467,536
Multi-Component Force Transducer Calibration and Verification Systems: Portfolio of technologies for calibrating and validating wind-tunnel force balances and other multicomponent force transducers Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-215 LAR-18065-1, LAR-16020-1, LAR-18318-1 9,052,250 6,629,446
NASA Langley's Alternative Launch Abort System Design: Cost saving and recovery of payload Propulsion LAR-TOPS-69 LAR-17447-1 8,002,219
Nanoparticle-Containing Thermoplastic Composite Laminates: Strong, tough, thermally and chemically resistant composite laminates Select... LAR-TOPS-202 LAR-17413-2 9,447,260
Negative Dielectric Constant Material: Method for a negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-177 LAR-17689-1, LAR-17689-2 8,696,940
Neutron and Ultraviolet Radiation Shielding Films Materials and Coatings TOA 107 AR-17535-1, LAR-17668-1, LAR-17780-1, LAR-17830-1,LAR-17991-1, and JLab 1265.
New Method for Pitot-Static Calibration: A precise, time- and cost-effective method based on global positioning system technology using output-error optimization Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-89 LAR-17857-1
New Probe for Detecting Deep Flaws in Structures: Handheld probe for nondestructive evaluation of deep subsurface cracks Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-49 LAR-16116-1 6,888,346
Noise Reducing Trailing Edge Device: Blended cutout design for the reduction of jet exhaust interaction noise with flaps, ailerons, and flaperons Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-181 LAR-17831-1 8,651,429
Non-Invasive Methods of Determining Intracranial Pressure: Methods to determine absolute and diastolic intracranial pressure Health Medicine and Biotechnology LAR-TOPS-204 LAR-16440-1, LAR-15943-1, LAR-15854-1 6,740,048 6,746,410 6,761,695
Novel Aromatic and Aliphatic Diamines: For advanced polymer applications Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-54 LAR-16874-1 7,723,464
Novel Copolyimide Surface Modifying Coating: Novel aircraft wing coating to prevent the accumulation of insect residue and to improve fuel economy Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-233 LAR-18540-1
Oceanic Surface Air Pressure Sensing: Via oxygen band radar Sensors LAR-TOPS-102 LAR-17323-1 8,855,932
Optimal Flow Control Design - For quieter and more environmentally friendly transport aircraf Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-105 LAR-17365-1 7,784,732
Out of Autoclave Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Method: Assembly supports composite laminate materials during roll press processing at room temperature Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-37 LAR-16299-1
PCI Assembly Design: Reconfigurable peripheral component interconnect (PCI) local bus controller and target design Sensors LAR-TOPS-149 LAR-17743-1 8,473,663
PICA on Edge: Edgewise strips of PICA ablator to eliminate gaps in capsule heat shield Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-196 LAR-17636-1 9,051,063
Particle Contamination Mitigation Methods: Unique surface properties such as increased hydrophobicity and self-cleaning Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-97 LAR-17769-1, LAR-18026-1, LAR-17769-2 8,987,632
Photo-Acoustic Sub PartPer-Billion Chemical Sensing: Photo-acoustic sensing based laser vibrometer for the measurement of ambient chemical species Sensors LAR-TOPS-214 LAR-18425-1
Photo-Induced Emission Analysis to Identify Surface Contaminants: Innovative instrument to identify, quantify, and characterize contamination, even on irregularly shaped surfaces Sensors LAR-TOPS-236 LAR-18763-1
Photogrammetric Method for Calculating Relative Orientation Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-38 LAR-17908-1
Photonic Densely Accumulated Ray-poinT - Newly discovered, interference-type laser focal point at high intensity achieved with a phase contrast approach, with or without micro zone plate lens Optics LAR-TOPS-60 LAR-17237-1 8,294,989
Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Actuator Portfolio - A unique portfolio composite actuator designs for tunable optical fiber and micro-displacement devices Sensors LAR-TOPS-17 LAR-17073-1, LAR-17168-1, LAR-17356
Plasma Deposition of Metal in Composite Panels Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-99 LAR-1748
Polyimide Foams: Multi-use foam that insulates for sound, heat and cold Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-145 LAR-17709-1 6,956,066 7,541,388
Power Technology for High-Altitude Airships- Advanced thermoelectric materials form the foundation to a novel approach to powering high-altitude airships Propulsion LAR-TOPS-58 LAR-17213-1
Pressure Regulators for Fluid Flow Simulations - Improved transient modeling Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-55 LAR-16885-1 7,890,311
Processable Polyimides Containing APB and Reactive End Caps: Polyimides with properties that can be tailored through proportions of dianhydrides and APB Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-211 LAR-15449-2, LAR-15449-1 6,288,209 6,133,401
Puncture-healing Engineered Polymer Blends: Several puncture healing engineered melt formulations, consisting of a non-healing and a self-healing polymer Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-224 LAR-18412-1, LAR-18131-1, LAR-18368-1, LAR- 18472-1 9,156,957
Quick Change Ceramic Flame Holder: For high-output torches Propulsion LAR-TOPS-22 LAR-17502-1
Rapid and Verified Crimping for Critical Wiring Needs - A collection of crimping innovations to precisely crimp and verify mission critical connections Electrical and Electronics LAR-TOPS-52 LAR-16575-1, LAR-18006-1, LAR-18006-2, LAR- 17735-1, LAR-17886-1, LAR-17887-1, LAR-18562-1 7,181,942 8,671,551 8,490,463 8,875,580 9,003,645
Real-Time Interferometric Fiber Optic Bragg Grating Sensors: High sensor count distributed fiber optic sensing without processing delays Sensors LAR-TOPS-27 LAR-17300-1
Recessed Core Composite Panel Design: Low noise radiation and increased sound power transmission loss Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-50 LAR-17959-1 8,087,494
Reduced-Order Models for Efficient Computational Analysis of Complex Systems- Innovative software for aeroelastic analysis at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional CFD methods Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-65 LAR-17325-1 8,060,350
Resistive Heating Method for Higher Performing Carbon Nanotube Composites Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-119
Rolled Electroactive Polymer Actuators: For membrane tension control Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-84 LAR-16220-1 6,867,533
SansEC Spectroscopy: Spectroscopy using electric permittivity, magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity spatial profiles Sensors LAR-TOPS-192 LAR-17848-1 9,329,153
Scintillating Quantum Dots for Imaging X-rays (SQDIX) for Aircraft Inspection: A revolutionary system that enables characterization of microcracking in composites or x-ray inspection of inservice turbine engines Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-121 LAR-18526-1
Self-Latching Piezocomposite Actuator: Piezocomposite actuator that does not require constant power draw Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-208 LAR-18391-1
Self-Scrubbing Technology for Reconfigurable Rad-Hard Memory Arrays - Novel field programmable gate array technology for single event upset detection and mitigation of radiation effects Electrical and Electronics LAR-TOPS-28 LAR-17257-1, LAR-17268-1 7,590,904 7,647,543
Sensory Metallic Materials: Particles that can be embedded into metallic alloys to improve nondestructive evaluation of a structure Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-157 LAR-17738-1
Sequential/Simultaneous Multi-Metalized Nanocomposites (S2M2N): Method to deposit nanoparticles via supercritical fluid multi-metal infusion Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-190 LAR-18352-1
Shape Adaptive Multilayered Polymer Composite Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-39 LAR-17977-1
Shape Memory Polymer Bonding Method: Adhesive strength enhancement of shape memory polymer composite and metal joint Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-163 LAR-18335-1
Smart Optics Material Characterization System Optics LAR-TOPS-94 LAR-17786-1
Smart Skin for Composite Aircraft: For lightning strike protection and damage sensing on aircraft Sensors LAR-TOPS-129 LAR-18400-1, LAR-18037-1
Solid State Sensor for Detection and Characterization of Electric Fields: Non-contact method for measurement of the true electric field revealing properties and characteristics of materials and plasmas Sensors LAR-TOPS-235 LAR-18484-1
Space Utilization Optimization Tool: Robust software system for real-time visualization, modeling, and evaluation of facility management. Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-107 LAR -17980-1
Subsurface Imaging of Nanocomposites - Via resonant difference-frequency atomic force ultrasonic microscopy (RADF-AFUM) Sensors LAR-TOPS-3 LAR-17440-1 7,845,215
Super Resolution 3D Flash LIDAR: Real-time algorithm producing 1M pixels or greater 3D image frames Sensors LAR-TOPS-168 LAR-17799-1, LAR-17894-1, LAR-18179-1 8,655,513 8,494,687
Synthetic Vision System for Aeronautical Applications- Via flight management visualization display providing preview, rehearsal, and real-time visual acquisition of flight mission progress Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-103 LAR-17355-1
System for Repairing Cracks in Structures: Thermally Activated Crack Healing Mechanism for Metallic Materials Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-130 LAR-17681-1, LAR-17681-3 8,347,479 8,679,642
Tailored Dielectric Materials With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-85 LAR-17427-1, LAR-17638-1
Tension Actuated in Space MANipulator (TALISMAN): Structural Architecture For Long Reach Manipulators Robotics Automation and Control LAR-TOPS-220 9,168,659
Thermally Driven Miniature Piston Actuator: A high-displacement and high-force actuator Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-18 LAR-17013-1 7,647,771
Thermally Stable Nanocomposites with Aligned Carbon Nanotubes: A method for producing mechanically strong, thermally stable and electrically conductive nanocomposites Materials and Coatings LAR-TOPS-188 LAR-18127-1 8,608,993
Thin, High-Contrast Targets for Ultra-lightweight Structures: Very low mass, non-intrusive optical metrology targets without distortion Optics LAR-TOPS-20 LAR-16858-1 7,667,847
Thin-Film Evaporative Cooling for Side-Pumped Lasers Optics LAR-TOPS-100 LAR-17229-1
Thin-Films with Integrated Structural and Functional Elements: Low mass, large-scale hierarchical thin-film structural systems with enhanced performance Mechanical and Fluid Systems LAR-TOPS-203 LAR-17994-1
Tip Vortex Noise Reduction Technology: Open structure design reduces turbulent flow noise generated at surface boundaries by delaying and preventing vortex formation Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-43 LAR-18166-1, LAR-18301-1
Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Requests (TASAR): Using software to provide pilots with traffic aware optimized flight trajectories to increase air traffic control (ATC) approval of beneficial change requests Information Technology and Software LAR-TOPS-148 LAR-18077-1 8,977,482
Turbofan Engine Acoustic Liner Design and Analysis Tools: Statistical and graphical based software tools to design and analyze turbofan acoustic liners Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-185
Turbulence Sensors LAR-TOPS-142 LAR-17555-1 8,913,124
Ultra-High Temperature Displacements and Strain Measurement: An optical method for detecting displacements and strains at ultra-high temperatures during thermomechanical testing Sensors LAR-TOPS-205 LAR-17495-1
Ultrasonic System To Assess Compartment Syndrome: An ultrasonic means and method to assess whether Compartment Syndrome has occurred Health Medicine and Biotechnology LAR-TOPS-162 LAR-16854-1 7,381,186
Unique Flap Device for Airframe Noise Reduction: Innovative trailing edge flap device reduces noise without compromising cruise efficiency or landing lift and stall characteristics Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-238 LAR-17984-1 8,695,925
Use of Beam Deflection to Control Electron-Beam Wire Deposition - Advanced process control technique for electronbeam free-form fabrication and welding Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-64 LAR-17245-1 8,344,281
Variable Permeability Magnetometer for Aerospace Applications: Takes advantage of the varying of the permeability of a magnetic material with ambient magnetic fields Sensors LAR-TOPS-113 LAR-18544-1
Variable Visibility Glasses for Flight Training - Safer and more comfortable glasses for selectively limiting the view of pilot trainees Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-101 LAR-17243-1
Wide Bandwidth Magnetoresistive Eddy Current Probe: Magnetoresistive sensor-based probe for improved deep-flaw detection and surface characterization Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-96 LAR -17966-1, LAR-18038-1
Wind Event Warning System: High-energy Doppler LIDAR to protect wind turbines and aircraft from severe wind events Electrical and Electronics LAR-TOPS-229 LAR-18661-1
Wind-tunnel force measurement calibration system: In-situ load system (ILS) for calibrating and validating aerodynamic properties of scaled aircraft in groundbased aerospace testing applications Aeronautics LAR-TOPS-176 LAR-18318-1
Wireless Chemical Sensor - Wireless, powerless, passive, thin-film SansEC sensor that detects the presence of chemicals Sensors LAR-TOPS-76 LAR-17579-1, LAR-17579-2, LAR-17579-3 8,673,649 9,329,149
Wireless Electrical Devices Using Floating Electrodes - Fundamental new approach for developing electrical devices that need no external power source or electrical connections Sensors LAR-TOPS-83 LAR-17958-1, LAR-17711-1 8,692,562 8,179,203
Wireless Sensor for Pharmaceutical Packaging and Monitoring Applications - Wireless, passive SansEC sensor for detecting package tampering, medication levels, temperature, spoilage, and other pharmaceutical applications Sensors LAR-TOPS-77 LAR-17444-1, LAR-17579-1, LAR-17488-1, LAR-17579-2, LAR-17593-1, LAR-17579-3 8,042,739 8,673,649 7,814,786 9,329,149 8,167,204
Wireless Temperature Sensor Having No Electrical Connections: Robust, flexible, wireless temperature sensor based on SansEC Sensors LAR-TOPS-193 LAR-18016-1, LAR-17747-1-CON 8,636,407
X-Ray Diffraction Method for defect characterization of epitaxially grown cubic semiconductor layers Optics LAR-TOPS-98 LAR--17044-1
X-Ray Diffraction Method to Detect Defects in Cubic Semiconductor (100) Wafers: Characterization method for sigma=3 twin defects in cubic semiconductor (100) wafers Manufacturing LAR-TOPS-158 LAR-18306-1
ZONE (Zeroing Out Negative Effects)- Biofeedback training for optimal athletic performance Instrumentation LAR-TOPS-4 LAR-16256-1, LAR-16256-1-CON 8,628,333