TechGate Wire from TechnologyGateway New Technology News, Announcement, and Events from Langley Research Center Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:54:01 GMT Radiation Protection Material Webinar... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6014 NASA Langley Research Center has developed an innovative radiation shield made from shapeable fiber metal laminates.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6014'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6014 Radiation Protection Material Featured in Upcoming NASA Webi... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6013 NASA Langley Research Center has developed an innovative radiation shield made from shapeable fiber metal laminates.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6013'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6013 Langley’s Cutting-edge Coating Takes Home Prestigious Award... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6012 Every 12 months, teams of experts selected by Chicago-based RD Magazine name their choices of the year’s 100 most innovative ideas.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6012'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6012 Join us for Two Live Presentations in August 2016... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6011 This August, NASA Langley’s Technology Gateway will be participating in two upcoming webinars that your company may be interested attending!... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6011'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6011 Langley Wins NASA Government Invention of the Year Award... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6010 A Langley technology has been selected as the 2016 NASA Government Invention of the year! ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6010'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6010 Newly Patented Technologies Available for Licensing!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6009 Langley researchers and scientists continue to produce exciting new technologies. Can one of these six recently patented technologies add value to your business?... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6009'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6009 Two Langley Technologies Licensed to Businesses... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6008 Langley recently executed two new technology licensing partnerships with companies looking to build off of NASA inventions.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6008'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6008 NASA Langley Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Workshop... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6007 <p>On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, NASA Langley Research Center will host a workshop at the National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton, VA to introduce two new piezoelectric energy-harvesting inventions.</p> <p> In one design, a metal flextensional shell allows multiple individual piezo-stacks to be electrically and mechanically coupled within a second metal shell, amplifying mechanical force to i... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6007'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6007 Johns Hopkins Joins Technology Transfer University... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6006 As part of its goal to accelerate technology transfer, the NASA Langley Technology Transfer Office recently entered into a partnership agreement with Johns Hopkins (JHU) in Baltimore, Maryland.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6006'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6006 Virginia SBIR Firm Develops Critical Laser Component for NAS... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6005 Researchers at NASA Langley are developing lidar-based technology in order to gather crucial information on cloud and aerosol properties in the atmosphere that are needed to improve our understanding of their impact on weather and climate.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6005'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6005 Two new patents were recently awarded at NASA Langley!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6004 Langley’s researchers and scientists continue to produce exciting new technologies. These two inventions were recently awarded patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are available for licensing.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6004'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6004 Four New Patents Awarded at NASA Langley!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6003 <p>The U.S. Patent Office recently granted four patents for technologies invented at NASA Langley Research Center. See below for brief descriptions of these technologies which are now available for licensing…</p> <table style="width:79%; border-top:1px solid #ddd;margin-top:30px"> <tr> <td> <h4><img src="../../images/misc/nanotube-materials.png" style="width:50px;padding-right:10px; padding-... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6003'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6003 NASA Langley’s Revolutionary Robotic Arm Technology Wins Awa... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6002 NASA Langley’s Compact Long-Reach Robotic Arm recently won First Prize in the 2015 Create the Future Design Contest...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6002'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6002 NASA Langley’s Energy Harvesting Devices... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6001 NASA Langley Research Center and The National Institute of Aerospace have developed two new piezoelectric energy harvesting devices that employ enhanced mechanical force mechanisms...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6001'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6001 Energy Harvesting Devices Featured in Upcoming NASA Webinar... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6000 NASA Langley Research Center and The National Institute of Aerospace have developed two new piezoelectric energy harvesting devices...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6000'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=6000 NASA Langley Executes Partially-Exclusive License Agreement ... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5099 On June 9, 2015, LaRC approved a partially-exclusive license agreement between NASA and GLSEQ, LLC of Huntsville, Alabama, for Langley’s SansEC wireless sensors technologies.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5099'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5099 Seven New Patents Available for Licensing... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5098 The U.S. Patent Office recently granted seven patents for technologies invented at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). See below for brief descriptions of these technologies which are now available for licensing…... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5098'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5098 William and Mary Students Eyeing Commercial Uses for Langley... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5097 Pacemakers with longer-lasting batteries. Artificial limbs that change shape. Food packaging that allows producers, distributors and retailers to wirelessly monitor the quality of perishable items. ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5097'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5097 Four New Patents Awarded at Langley in April 2015... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5096 The U.S. Patent Office granted four patents for technologies at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in April 2015.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5096'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5096 NASA Determines its “Hottest” Licensable Technologies... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5095 <p style="display:block">The NASA Technology Transfer Program recently released a list of the 100 “hottest” technologies that are available to the public for licensing. The list was compiled from the entire patent portfolio of all ten NASA field centers. These technologies have significant potential — when put into the hands of industry — to increase productivity, safety, and economic competitiven... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5095'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5095 A Flurry of New Partnerships... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5094 Langley recently executed three new technology licensing partnerships with companies looking to build off of NASA inventions.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5094'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5094 Five New Patents Awarded at Langley... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5093 Langley’s researchers and scientists continue to produce exciting new technologies. These five inventions were recently awarded patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are available for licensing.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5093'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5093 A Special Holiday Greeting from TechnologyGateway... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5092 From us to you... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5092'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5092 The Technology Gateway: 2014 Fiscal Year in Review... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5091 The Technology Transfer Office at NASA Langley Research Center had another successful fiscal year in 2014 (FY14). Here’s a look back at some of our accomplishments and activities from the past year.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5091'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5091 A Virtual Technology Trade Show... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5090 On November 5th and 6th, the Technology Gateway will at the <a href="" target="_blank">2014 FLC Tech to Market virtual forum</a>. Three of Langley’s technologies will be featured in our exhibit: Fiber Optic Shape Sensing Technology...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5090'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5090 Four new patents have recently been awarded at NASA Langley ... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5089 The “Method And Apparatus For Measuring Surface Air Pressure” incorporates the use of a low-power laser frequency specific to the known oxygen band...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5089'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5089 Device Featured in Upcoming NASA Webinar... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5088 <p>A Langley patented method based on optical fibers can detect the movement of an object. The <a href="" target="_blank">Position Detection and Shape Sensing method</a>, which relies on Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensors in a multi-core optical fiber, has 10 times greater accuracy than comparable techniques.</p> <p>Aerosp... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5088'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5088 Budding Entrepreneurs to Delve into The Technology Gateway... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5087 As part of its goal to accelerate technology transfer, the NASA Langley Technology Transfer Office recently entered into an agreement with the College of William and Mary...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5087'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5087 Learn About EBF<sup>3</sup> Manufacturing ... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5086 <p>On September 24th, <a href="" target="_blank">Electron Beam Form Fabrication (EBF<sup>3</sup>)</a> is the focus of a <a href="" target="_blank">NASA <i>Tech Briefs</i> Webinar</a>. Karen Taminger, a Senior Materials Research Engineer at NASA Langley, will discuss the technology from its initial devel... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5086'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5086 Actively Reduce Vibration with a Small System... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5085 To suppress structural vibration in flexible aerospace structures, researchers at NASA Langley invented a piezoelectric actuator system that enables simple analog feedback control to actively reduce vibrations. ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5085'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5085 Langley’s Floating Ultrasonic Transducer... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5084 Recently, NASA Langley hosted a webinar featuring one its non-destructive evaluation technologies... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5084'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5084 NASA Ultrasonic Technology Now Available... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5083 If your business relies on ultrasonic testing, you should know about an advanced ultrasonic evaluation system invented at NASA Langley. Although most ultrasonic scanners need a coupling agent to make a good contact, Langley’s Floating Ultrasonic Transducer doesn’t. The transducer “floats” across the surface being tested with less force than other similar systems.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5083'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5083 Improving Ultrasonic Testing... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5082 NASA Langley, a leader in non-destructive evaluation technology, has developed a novel <a href="" title="Floating Ultrasonic Transducer" target="_blank"><em>Floating Ultrasonic Transducer</em> </a>that is now available for licensing.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5082'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5082 Got ideas?... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5081 NASA Langley and Edison Nation have a challenge for you. While conducting flight deck research, Langley inventors developed a closed-loop testing setup for pilots to help determine what level of automation best kept...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5081'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5081 Langley Wins Commercial Invention of the Year for 2013... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5080 Inventors at NASA Langley Research Center have done it again! The Agency’s 2013 “Commercial Invention of the Year” has been awarded to...... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5080'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5080 The People Behind The Solutions... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5079 On the Technology Gateway, you can find solutions to many of your technical problems. Recently, NASA Langley recognized a number of its inventors at its second annual Innovators’..... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5079'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5079 Change Adhesion through Surface Engineering Approaches... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5078 NASA is looking at surface engineering to mitigate particulate adhesion and surface contamination. For planetary exploration, particulate adhesion presents challenges for both humans and equipment.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5078'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5078 Langley Researcher Discusses Innovative Sensor Technology wi... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5077 <p>SansEC is a NASA-developed wireless sensor technology that is damage tolerant and requires no electrical connections. Unlike other sensors, a SansEC sensor can be designed for measurements unrelated to each other -- like temperature and fluid level -- and easily switch from one to another or do both simultaneously. </p> <p>NASA Langley researcher Ken Dudley recently spoke with NASA Tech Brief... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5077'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5077 New Technology Patents... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5076 Recently, a number of Langley researchers received patents for new technologies. Each one is an improvement over the current state-of-the-art. <a href=""><em>Check them out!</em></a>...           ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5076'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5076 NASA’s Advanced Manufacturing Efforts Featured in New Articl... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5075 The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) recently published an article that provides an overview of NASA’s efforts to help revitalize America's manufacturing sector. <br /><br /> To view the FLC article: <a href="" target="_blank"> <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5075'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5075 Your next technology solution may be right here!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5074 <p>Two companies recently found their solutions at NASA Langley. </p> <p>Caplan Taylor Enterprises, LLC, now has a partially exclusive license for a wireless sensor. Located in Virginia, the firm plans to commercialize products in the field of fluid level measurements in automotive (including cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles) and train applications limited to gasoline, diese... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5074'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5074 More Down to Earth Than You Think: Langley Technologies feat... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5073 <p>By working with licensees and other partners to transfer Langley technology solutions, our technologies find their way into everyone’s daily lives. From advanced methods and services to new products, our technologies help improve the way we live, work and play. We’re proud to acknowledge a few of these new "spinoffs" for 2013...     </p> <div style="float:left"> <div style="margin:20px; flo... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5073'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5073 SansEC Sensor Workshop | On Demand... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5072 On Wednesday, December 11, 2013, NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA held a workshop to introduce its award winning "Sans EC” wireless sensor platform. ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5072'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5072 The Technology Gateway: A Year in Review... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5071 The 2013 Fiscal Year was another success for NASA Langley's Technology Gateway. The researchers and scientists at our Center continued to produce exciting new technologies and our team has been working hard to find new licensees. Here is a brief look back at some of our accomplishments and activities from the past year. ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5071'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5071 What’s hot now!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5070 To meet today’s business demands, you’re probably faced with some type of technology challenge and need a solution. After studying various industries, we learned that many of these challenges cross multiple industries. What’s more, NASA Langley has many “smart solutions” that address these challenges, and one of them may be just what you need!... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5070'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5070 New Langley technologies now available!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5069 <p> Two technologies invented at NASA Langley research center have just been patented </p> <p>The "Fabrication of Nanovoid-Imbedded Bismuth Telluride With Low Dimensional System" allows efficient energy harvesting from a heat source. The system can potentially be used to address the power-related requirements for lighter-than-air vehicles, including airships and hybrid fixed-wing configuration... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5069'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5069 On Demand Webinar: Controlling Surface Chemistry and Morphol... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5068 <p> You missed the webinar? No worries! </p> <p> If you were unable to attend the live event, you still have a chance see the entire technical presentation about NASA developed surface engineering methods that are available for licensing. To view the webinar, please visit: <a href="" target="_blank">http://video.webcasts.c... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5068'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5068 Would you like to know more about innovative materials and h... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5067 <p> We'd be happy to show you! </p> <p> NASA Langley's comprehensive facilities allow our researchers to create a material from cradle to grave through all stages of testing and fabrication. Visit the <a href="">Technology Gateway's <i>Marketplace</i></a> to learn about some of the results. And, please contact us if you'd like to come for a tour!</p>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5067'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5067 NASA Langley Honors Inventors... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5066 <p> In July, NASA Langley <a href="" target="_blank">recognized its top technology transfer innovators for 2012</a>. Also, more than 200 inventors received awards for their 2012 technology achievements! Many of their inventions and their expertise are available to help solve your technical challenges. </p> <p style="f... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5066'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5066 Controlling Surface Chemistry and Morphology to Promote or P... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5059 <span style="font-size:13px">Live Presentation — Thursday, August 15, 2013 | 2:00 pm ET</span><span style="color:#7030A0;font-size:13px;"> <a href="" target="_blank"><i>REGISTER NOW»</i></a> </b><br /> <p style="font-weight:bold"> <a href=""... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5059'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5059 Langley Technology Receives Another Patent... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5058 <p> For sometime, researchers at NASA Langley have been developing, testing and maturing the technologies for a unique additive manufacturing process, <a href="" target="_blank">Electron Beam Free Form Fabrication (EBF<sup>3</sup>)</a> </p> <p> Recently, EBF3 received its fourth patent, "Cl... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5058'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5058 BNNT, LLC Builds Nanotube Factory in Newport News, Virginia... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5057 <p> On May 1st, 2013 BNNT, LLC, a Newport News, Virginia start-up, began construction of the world's first commercial factory dedicated to the manufacture of Fibril Boron Nitride Nanotubes, "Fibril BNNT<sup>TM</sup>." Boron nitride nanotubes are as strong as the better-known carbon nanotubes, but are much more heat resistant and much easier to synthesize in a high quality form. ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5057'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5057 LaRC 2013 SBIR And STTR Awards... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5056 <p> On April 3, NASA announced its annual selections for Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer(STTR) Program awards. Of the 295 awards made, Langley received: 36 SBIR, 2 select SBIR, 4 STTR awards. </p> <p> This year, NASA issued two concurrent solicitations for Phase I proposals: a general solicitation for both SBIR and STTR in response to... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5056'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5056 Langley Technologies Exclusively Licensed to Company... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5055 <p> Recently, NASA Langley and Allotropica Technologies of Chapel Hill, NC signed an exclusive license agreement for liquid crystal polymer resins. The resins were originally invented for lightweight composite materials by a team of Langley researchers in the Center's Advanced Materials and Processing Branch. Allotropica plans to commercialize the resins for use in components with high-performanc... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5055'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5055 LaRC Executes Nonexclusive Research License Agreement with G... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5054 <p> On Feb. 11, LaRC approved a nonexclusive research license agreement between NASA and GLSEQ, LLC, for Langley's wireless sensor technologies. GLSEQ, a small business located in Alabama, plans to evaluate the technologies for instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants (including advanced instrumentation systems for severe accident monitoring). The licensed technologies were jo... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5054'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5054 NASA Langley Sonic Crimp Tool... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5053 <p> On June 18, 2012, LaRC approved a nonexclusive research license agreement between NASA and Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) for Langley's wire crimping tool technologies. DMC is located in Orlando, Florida, and plans to market and sell ultrasonic testing equipment for the aircraft, aerospace, and other high-reliability markets. The licensed technologies were developed... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5053'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5053 NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Signs Joint Ownership Ag... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5052 <p> On June 12, 2012, LaRC executed a Joint Ownership Agreement (JOA) between NASA and Brigham Young University (BYU), Provo, Utah, for the technology, "Nano-Propellants Based on Aluminum-Hydrogen-Peroxide Ferritin (AI-HPOF)." These particular propellants have the potential to produce a highly-effective rocket fuel. </p> <p>The technology was jointly developed by LaRC's Dr. Sang H. Choi, Adv... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5052'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5052 Communications and Navigation Systems Targeted Dissertation ... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5051 <p> Langley researcher Sam Miller successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, "A Unified Nano-Satellite Sensing Architecture for Orientation, Docking, and Whole-Sky Imaging" at N.C. State University on June 4, 2012. </p> <p> The dissertation concept evolved from the camera system developed for the Max Launch Abort System (MLAS... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5051'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5051 NASA Langley Executes Nonexclusive Research License Agreemen... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5050 <p> On May 7, 2012, Langley Research Center approved a nonexclusive research license agreement between NASA and Liquid Measurement Systems (LMS) for Langley's wireless sensor technologies. LMS is located in Georgia, Vermont, and plans to evaluate the technologies for fuel level measurement systems to be used in commercial and military aircraft. </p> ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5050'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5050 NASA Partners License Nanotube Technology For Commercial Use... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5049 <p>On March 22, 2012, a technique for synthesizing a high-tech material technology, jointly developed by NASA Langley Research Center, the U.S. Department of Energy's Jefferson Lab, and the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA), was licensed by BNNT LLC of Newport News, Va. Read the full press release <a href="" target="_blank">he... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5049'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5049 Update on Advanced Materials activities at NASA Langley... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5048 <p>Our licensees have been successful in expanding their engineering design space with materials developed by Langley researchers: </p> <table> <tr> <td>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5048'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5048 Collaboration Leads to New Technologies... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5047 <p>NASA Langley recently executed a Joint Ownership Agreement among NASA, Jefferson Science Associates (JSA), which manages and operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility for the Department of Energy, and the National Institute of Aerospace Associates (NIA) for boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) technologies. The agreement facilitates a working relationship among the joint owners and d... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5047'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5047 Two New Technologies Available!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5046 <p> We've recently added two technologies to our <a href="">marketplace</a>, a set of <a href=" Control Devices">fluid flow control devices</a> and a <a href=" <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5046'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5046 Small Firm... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5045 <p>Through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts, TerraMetrics, Inc. worked with researchers at Langley to develop a synthetic vision (SV) display for pilots. The firm's 3D terrain-rendering engine, known as "TerraBlocks" provides models in real-time. <br /><br />To read the entire story, click <a href="docs/TerrametricsTerraBlocksFINAL2US.pdf" target="_blank">here..</a> ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5045'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5045 Langley Technologies Garner More Awards!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5044 <p>At the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) at the national meeting in Nashville, TN, NASA received four awards for Excellence in Technology Transfer. Two of those were for Langley's "Portable Infrasonic Detection System" and "Safe Wireless Fluid-Level Measuring System." <br /><br /><br />To read more about all of the awards, please visit: <a href=" <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5044'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5044 Three New Patents at NASA Langley Research Center... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5043 <p>The U.S. Patent Office has granted three patents for technologies at Langley. The first patent is for "Electrically Conductive, Optically Transparent Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites And Process For Preparation Thereof." The inventors, John W. Connell, Joseph G. Smith, Joycelyn S. Harrison, Cheol Park, Kent A. Watson and Zoubeida Ounaies, have effectively dispersed carbon nanotubes (CNTs) i... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5043'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5043 Success Story Briefs... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5042 <p>When NASA Langley partners with small businesses through SBIR contracts, it can lead to long term benefits for both sides </p><br /> <b>Intelligent Light</b> <p> Through SBIR contracts awarded by NASA Langley, Intelligent Light of Rutherford, NJ created a Rotorcraft Computational Aero Acoustics Post-processing System (RCAAPS). The software helps researchers examine ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5042'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5042 Nanotube Technology On The Move... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5041 <p>Langley recently executed a Joint Ownership Agreement among NASA; Jefferson Science Associates (JSA), which manages and operates the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility for the Department of Energy; and the National Institute of Aerospace Associates (NIA) for boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) technologies. The agreement facilitates a working relationship among the joint owners and define... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5041'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5041 Advancing Video Gaming--MindShift Technology... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5040 <p> Langley research, originally intended for pilots and air traffic controllers, now has video gaming applications through a new biofeedback-based controller called "Mindshift." The technology uses physiological signals to modulate the manual inputs a player makes to the buttons or joysticks of a video game hand controller. </p> <p>The inventors have successfully... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5040'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5040 Langley Technology Has New Licensing Agreement... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5039 <p> On February 27, 2012, Langley approved a partially-exclusive license agreement between NASA and Magic Leap, Inc., for Langley's photogrammetry system and method for determining relative motion between two bodies. Magic Leap, a small business located in Hollywood, Florida, plans to develop products in the fields of augmented reality and/or virtual reality for mobile computing ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5039'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5039 Firm Develops Product From Langley Material... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5038 <p> NeXolve, Huntsville, AL, a licensee of Langley Research Center's (LaRC) LaRC-CP1 and LaRC-CP2, recently developed a thermal control material, EPC, that utilizes CP1 and other proprietary additives and coatings to provide environmental protection for airships. They have also used the material to manufacture EPC for two stratospheric programs, both funded by a prime contractor. ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5038'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5038 Automotive Industry Checks Out NASA Technology... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5037 <p> Recently, Langley partnership representatives and research experts participated in a NASA Automotive Industry Workshop at Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH. Major automotive companies and emerging electronic car companies across the industry's value chain learned about NASA technologies for lightweight vehicles, electric cars, and alternative cycles and design tools. Langley exhibited nin... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5037'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5037 New License Issued... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5036 <p> On January 23, 2012, LaRC approved an exclusive license agreement between NASA and innoEpi, Inc., for Langley's silicon germanium technologies. InnoEpi, Santa Clara, CA, plans to develop and market single crystal silicon-germanium semiconductor materials for CPUs, memory, power IC chips, and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) chips.</p> <br /><br />... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5036'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5036 ESE Industries Tests Material... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5035 <p> ESE Industries, Corp., Guaynabo, PR, is testing its composite materials in LaRC's advanced autoclave equipment. </p>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5035'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5035 Two New Patents at NASA Langley Research Center in October 2... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5033 <p>The U.S. Patent Office granted two patents for technologies at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in October 2011. The first patent was for a "<a href="" target="_blank">Wireless Tamper Detection Sen... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5033'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5033 NASA Langley Showcases Novel Additive Manufacturing Technolo... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5032 <p> On September 20-21, 2011, NASA hosted a two-day industry forum to help bring tomorrow's manufacturing closer to reality. Various key industry stakeholders attended and met to consider the future of electron-beam freeform fabrication (EBF<sup>3</sup>). NASA Langley's EBF<sup>3</sup> team, led by Karen Taminger, presented on the novel system that can be applied to electron-beam welding systems.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5032'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5032 Try Before You Buy?... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5031 <p>Interested in one of our technologies but not sure if it will be right for your business? NASA Langley now has a unique licensing option for you. A way to "try it before you buy it" <br /><br /> We are offering a "Evaluation License" option that will allow you to have a short-term license for up to two years. This gives you time to explore the potential of a technology and learn ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5031'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5031 Not at SAMPE?... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5030 <p>At this year's Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) conference we highlighted a number of our innovative materials,<br />including : <br /><br /> <p style="margin-left:5px"> - <a href="media/CC/electrospun_nanofibers/electrospun_nanofibers1.html" target="_blank">Electrospun fibers and mats</a> <br /> - Surf... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5030'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5030 Innovation Fund Awards... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5029 <p> The NASA 2010 Innovation Fund recently selected four Langley proposals for funding. The four proposals and project leaders are: </p> <p>"Airborne Wind Turbine Energy Harvesting UAV Systems" Dr. Mark Moore, Aeronautics Systems Analysis<br /> Multi-stage Force Amplified Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Transducers" Dr. Emilie (Mia) Siochi, Advanced Materials and Processing<br /> A Novel Ho Las... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5029'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5029 NASA Langley 2010 IPP Accomplishments Summary... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5028 <p>During 2010, the Langley Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) Team was hard at work, helping to move the Center's technology up and out, as well as develop numerous partnerships to support technology innovation. We have put together a summary of our accomplishments for the year in this document. If you'd like more information or have any feedback, please let us know.</p> <a href="docs/2010Acc... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5028'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5028 Government Invention of the Year... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5027 <p>A Langley technology has been selected as NASA Government Invention of the Year for 2009. K. Elliott Cramer, Daniel F. Perey, and William T. Yost invented Ultrasonic Wire Crimp Inspection, which has been patented.</p> <p>With the invention, it's possible to check wire crimp connections by using a handheld tool with a pair of transducers. The tool grasps the crimp joint and one of the transducer... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5027'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5027 New Licensees... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5026 <p> Langley recently signed a nonexclusive license agreement with PCB Piezotronics for an extreme low-frequency acoustic measurement portable system technology. Qamar A. Shams and Allan J. Zuckerwar originally designed and developed the technology to to detect Clear Air Turbulence for Aviation Safety and other NASA exploration programs. </p> <p> Shams and Zuckerwar furthered the development of t... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5026'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5026 Langley in NASA "Spinoff" Magazine... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5025 <p>Every year, NASA's "Spinoff" magazine highlights successful technology partnerships that have brought out-of-this-world technologies back down to Earth. This year's issue features seven Langley-based articles.<br /></p> <br /> <p> Tools Lighten Designs, Maintain Structural Integrity <a href=""></a>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5025'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5025 LaRC Technologies Go Commercial... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5023 <p>Langley signed a partially exclusive license agreement with Kelvin International Corporation (Newport News, VA) for wireless sensor technologies. Originally invented as an easier and more efficient way to use sensors on aircraft and spacecraft as well as other vehicles, the company has plans to market built-in liquid level sensors using the non-contact sensors for bio-storage containers. </p> ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5023'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5023 Firms to Develop Technology... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5022 <p>Thirty-three small companies will receive 2008 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 Awards to develop technologies for the Langley. The awards address specific technology gaps in mission programs and projects. Successful SBIR-developed technologies have supported numerous NASA efforts, including modern air traffic control systems, Earth observing spacecraft, the space shuttle, the ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5022'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5022 Beyond the Silicon-based Chip... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5021 <p>Several Langley researchers are being honored for their innovative achievements in the world of semiconductor physics. Their remarkable two-fold discovery has just won a <strong><a href="" target="_blank">2009 RD 100 Award</a></strong> in the category of "Materials and Metals." The winning team includes: Dr. Sang H. Choi, Dr. Yeonjoon Park, Mr. Glen C. King, a... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5021'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5021 Virginia Reclaims CNBC's Top State for Business Title... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5020 <b>RICHMOND</b>-- Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced that for the second time during his administration, CNBC has named Virginia its "Top State for Business." This best-in-the-nation ranking was based on a wide range of factors, from workforce quality to broadband infrastructure, and reaffirms that "Virginia has what it takes to emerge from an economy turned upside down." Virginia receive... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5020'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5020 Welsh Business Community Visits Langley... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5019 <p>In late June, the Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) Office played host to about 40 delegates from the International Business Wales (IBW) group. The IBW works to establish and strengthen global business partnerships. Inventors and representatives from Langley's advanced materials, sensors, and non-destructive evaluation project areas were invited to talk about their technologies with the del... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5019'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5019 LaRC Projects Win IPP Innovation Fund Awards... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5018 Recently, NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program, working with the Office of the Chief Engineer at NASA Headquarters, selected 20 projects for the 2009 NASA Innovation Fund. The fund was established to advance work from NASA innovators on novel technologies and concepts that have the potential to revolutionize the way NASA performs its missions such as enabling new capabilities in space flight, sc... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5018'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5018 NASA Langley and Honeybee Robotics Working on New Technologi... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5017 Two teams at Langley are collaborating with Honeybee Robotics in New York City to develop hardware and software for their unique projects.... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5017'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5017 Learning from Geckos... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5016 <p>Dr. John Connell from Langley’s Advanced Materials amp Processing Branch has partnered with Dr. Yi Lin from the National Institute of Aerospace on developing technology to mitigate lunar dust from spacesuits, radiators, rovers and habitats. For any long-term lunar mission, dust presents a major challenge for keeping surfaces clean. The current strategies for dust mitigation require electrical e... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5016'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5016 Langley and Johnson Team on Novel Technology... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5015 <p><font size=" 1">R</font>esearchers from Langley and Johnson Space Center (JSC) have teamed to develop a new manufacturing system. The system uses electron-beam freeform fabrication (EBF 3). Although the EBF 3 process has been used for sometime, the Langley-Johnson process, which uses a wire-feed design, is radically different. According to Langley... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5015'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5015 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year for 2008... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5014 <p>Inventors at NASA Langley Research Center have done it again! The Agency’s 2008 “Commercial Invention of the Year” has been awarded to John W. Connell, Joseph G. Smith, Jr., and Paul M. Hergenrother (retired), all from Langley. Their invention, “Composition of and Method for Making High Performance Resins for Infusion and Transfer Molding Processes,” has resulted in a high temperature resin, kn... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5014'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5014 A Top Technology Breakthrough... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5013 <p>Wired News identified the Speedo LZR Racer Swimsuit as one of the top ten technology breakthroughs for 2008. Langleys wind tunnels were the proving grounds for selecting just the right aerodynamic material for the suit.</p> <br /> <br /> <p>For more information on "Wired", <a target="_blank" href=""> click here</a>.</p>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5013'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5013 Look for us on Twitter!... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5012 <p>We're putting updates about technology happenings at NASA Langley on Twitter. Just go here to start receiving Langley's news: <br /> <a target="_blank" href=""> </a> </p>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5012'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5012 2007 Invention of the Year... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5011 <p>Langley's Polyimide foam, FPF-44, has been named NASA's <b>commercial invention of the year</b> for 2007. FPF-44 is a multi-use insulating foam invented by Roberto Cano, Brian Jensen and Erik Weiser from NASA Langley, and Miguel Vazquez of Polyumac Techno Core Inc. in Hialeah, Fla. In addition to being lightweight and fire resistant, the foam can be thermal formed into a variety of shapes. FPF... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5011'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5011 <b><i>Spinoff...</i></b>... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5010 <p>Annually NASA publishes <I>Spinoff</I>, a magazine featuring successfully commercialized NASA technologies. For more than 40 years, the NASA Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) has helped to transfer these technologies to the private sector, as well as back into federal programs and projects, all of which have societal benefits. The commercialization contributes to new products and services... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5010'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5010 Two Langley Small Business Partners on NRA for ALHAT... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5009 <p>In response to a recent NASA Research Announcement (NRA), the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate has selected eight companies to develop landing sensor technology for its Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) Program. Two of the firms, Advanced Scientific Concepts (ASC) and Fibertek, Inc., have previously partnered with Langley through Small Business Innovation Researc... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5009'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5009 Langley Technology Wins RD 100 Award... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5008 <p>Every 12 months, teams of experts selected by Chicago-based RD Magazine name their choices of the year's 100 most innovative ideas. NASA LaRC researchers, competing in an international pool that includes industry, universities, and government labs, were selected as one of the recipients of this prestigious mark of excellence. LaRC's winning technology, "The SansEC Geometric Sensing Patterns," w... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5008'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5008 A Novel Partnership - Wind tunnels and Swimsuits?... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5007 <p>"When I hit the water, I feel like a rocket." That's world champion swimmer Michael Phelps, commenting on his new Speedo swimsuit. Warnaco Inc., the U.S. licensee of the Speedo swimwear brand, approached NASA Langley to test its fabric samples, focusing on less drag reduction. According to Langley researcher Steve Wilkinson, "we evaluated the surface roughness effects of nearly 60 fabrics or pa... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5007'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5007 Langley Technology Being Used on Boats... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5006 <p>Caplan Taylor Enterprises, Newport News, Va, has licensed a wireless sensor system technology invented by Langley researchers, Stan Woodard and Bryant Taylor. The system uses magnetic fields to deliver power to and acquire measurements from sensors. Its wireless design eliminates the need for direct contact between the sensor and the data acquisition system as well as arc-induced ignition risks... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5006'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5006 Langley Team Wins Award... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5005 <p>Roberto Cano, Brian Jensen, Erik Weiser, all from Langley and Juan Vazquez, PolyuMac TechnoCore, Inc., have won the 2008 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year award for their "Polyimide Foams." The durable polyimide foam materials are cured by a microwave process, reducing cost and increasing the production rate over competing polyimide foams. The foams can be flexible or rigid, structural or n... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5005'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5005 Langley-invented Wireless Sensor Licensed... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5004 On February 14, 2008, NASA approved a partially exclusive license agreement between NASA and Caplan Taylor Enterprises LLC for wireless sensor technologies. Caplan Taylor Enterprises, located in Poquoson, Virginia, plans to market and sell fuel sensor units to the marine industry. The units have been tested successfully on boats owned by the Fire Department of Hampton, Virginia. The licensed techn... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5004'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5004 Langley Approves Nonexclusive License Agreement with 3D Plus... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5003 <p>Recently, a nonexclusive license agreement between NASA Langley Research Center and 3D Plus USA, Inc. was approved.</p> <p>The firm plans to commercialize Langley's Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS) modules. The RTIMS is integrated onto a compact printed circuit board that provides two gigabits of error-corrected digital memory.</p> <p>Jeffrey A. Herath of Langley's Systems ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5003'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5003 Three Langley Projects Selected for Seed Funding... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5002 <p>On Wednesday, NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program Seed Fund announced the selection of 38 partnerships that will advance key technologies to meet critical needs for NASA's mission. These Seed Fund projects will address technology barriers with cost-shared, joint-development programs.</p> <p>The one-year projects will involve collaboration among three principal partners: a NASA partnership ... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5002'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5002 Potential Partners Discuss Technology Development at TeXpo ... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5001 <p>On Friday, October 26, 2007, NASA Langley Research Center hosted its first annual technology exposition event, called "TeXpo." </p> <p>TeXpo provided an opportunity for the Center's technical and business community to meet and discuss possible collaborations with representatives from other federal organizations, industry, and academia.</p> <p>The event featured technical presentations, techn... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5001'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5001 Technology Gateway Video Goes Global... index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5000 <p>The Technology Gateway video can now be seen on YouTube. The video is a sample of some of the latest technologies and facilities at Langley, along with comments from the people who make them possible. </p> <p> Check it out: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>... <a href='index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5000'>More(+)</a><br /><br /><br /> index.cfm?fuseaction=media&articleType=full&article_id=5000